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Five to fifteen grants will normally be awarded annually to relatively small and usually local organizations on a competitive basis as a result of the Board of Directors' evaluation of proposals. The main body of these proposals (all copy except any cover letter and budgets) is not to exceed a strict three double-spaced pages (600 words) in length, and must describe both the specific activity and need. This word count also applies to online submissions. (An outline for Viking Foundation proposals can be found in the FAQs below.) Two additional budget pages must also be included--a one-page budget describing how the requested grant funds will be used and a one-page annual budget of the parent organization. A cover letter is encouraged. Preference will generally be given to proposals requesting support in the $5,000 - $10,000 range. Grant applications from organizations that have a charitable element should target needs of specific individuals, families or small groups who must be served by 501(c)(3) agencies.  Your proposal MUST include the contact information (email and mailing address) of the organization and/or proposal writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of organizations may apply?

Any organization with a broad mission consistent with the Viking Foundation's Core Values is generally eligible. For examples, see the hypothetical examples provided in our About Us tab.

2. What is the annual application due date each year?

The annual application due date is October 1.

3. What is the annual award timing each year?

The annual award month is December.

4. What are the criteria for evaluation of proposals?

The criteria for evaluation will include consistency with the Viking Foundation core values, described need, economic efficiency, expectation of measurable results and the prospect of alleviation of future problems. The Foundation normally prefers to fund specific, stand-alone projects, activities or initiatives. (Please see articles in the News section of our website for guidance.) We generally do not grant funds to large organizations for their general budget or to cover overhead.

5. Must we provide evidence of our 501(c)(3) status?

Yes - simply include your EIN# in your cover letter or budget page.

6. Will you fund faith-based entities?

Yes - for specific projects and activities that are consistent with Viking Foundation core values, but do not include proselytizing.

7. If I include a cover letter, what should it contain?

It should include your EIN# and assurance that you have 501(c)(3) status, that you will provide us with both interim and final reports (by the end of the next calendar year) explaining how the grant money was used, and that you will allow us to use images and quotes from your organization for Viking Foundation promotional purposes.

8. What kind of proposals do you like to fund?

We especially like to fund proposals for specific activities, projects and initiatives that are creative/innovative, unique and stand-alone in nature. We prefer projects that have a limited (one year or less) time frame.

We look forward to hearing from you!  


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The Viking Foundation of Lincoln Grant Application

(Please adhere to a strict limit of 600 words, plus cover letter and two budget pages.)

Due: October 1

The Person or Parties in Need:

City and State of the Person or Party in Need: 

A Description of the Activity:

A Time Line of Events:

The Parties Responsible:

The Expected Result:

Measurement of the Result:

Assurance of Alleviation of Future Problems:

We agree to provide a final report describing the use of the Foundation grant funds and the outcomes of the activity by December 31 of the following year.

Requested Grant Amount:



Budgets (two pages)



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